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Process Server and CourierIt’s late Friday night, you’ve completed the complaint and you need it filed and summonses issued first thing in the morning.  Do you wait until your paralegal comes in? No need to wait.  Call Legal Transporters now.  We’ll get you on the books so you’re the first stop on the way to the courthouse.

Here’s how we normally operate:

1. Our transporters will come to your office, get the documents to be served.

2. We’ll take them to the appropriate courthouse and file them with the clerk of the courts.

3. In most cases, we’ll stay at the courthouse and wait for the clerk to issue the summonses so we can serve them right away.

4. We will keep you informed of each attempt at service if requested.

5. Once the documents are served we’ll email you a copy of the Return of Service.

All with one phone call - (727) 710-0067

Bulk Pricing

Multiple Serves for the Same Address? Ask about our CLUSTER service plan to save you money.

After-Hours Serves

Want us to Serve Someone After Hours? No problem.  We’ll make an attempt at SERVICE whenever you think we’ll have the best chance of a successful serve.

Discreet Service

Need Discreet Service? Our transporters are trained to be discreet and confidential.  We have the attire and skills to blend-in to any atmosphere and execute service in any environment.

Notary Services

Many of our Process Servers are also Notaries Public.

About Us

We offer a wide range of litigation support services for law office staff including:

  • Quick Pick-up
  • File w/ Court
  • Service of Process
  • Client Retention
  • Real-Time Updates
  • E-mail Confirmation
  • Affidavit of Service

Where We Serve

We conduct Service of Process and Document Courier services throughout Florida, near and far. Have a serve in another state? We have aligned ourselves with other top performing Service of Process firms around the nation to provide fast service anywhere in the United States.

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